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Welcome to the Cramer Basketball Attack Skills Program. Through years of consulting with college and high school coaches and training players from all levels, one common issue continued to surface: players needed to be more skilled with how to attack high-level pressure defense off the dribble and finish around the basket more effectively. This was often the reason most coaches felt their team was not advancing to the next level. From these conversations, Cramer developed the Attack Skills Program. It is designed to maximize a players’ potential by utilizing efficient footwork, high-intensity instruction, and developing the knowledge to play smarter than the competition.

This program features 6 days of training a week for 8 weeks. While many programs give 2 workouts a month and have players switch workouts each day, this program features 3 new workouts every week. This offers a total of 24 workouts over 8 weeks, while many other online programs only give players 2 or 4 per month. The Attack Skills Program allows Cramer to cover a wide foundation of instruction that is progression based throughout the 8 weeks. Players will enhance their ball handling and attack skills off the dribble and improve in various types of finishing situations, while also developing individual defense and attack skills out of triple threat.

This program also features the Teaching Points Library filled with extra instruction to help take players’ game and knowledge to another level. All you need are a couple of basketballs, a jump rope, a few cones, and the mindset to get to work.


  • Over 200 instruction videos!
  • Hours of content!
  • The Attack Program
  • In Season Training
  • Athletic and footwork development
  • High-level ball handling drills
  • Elite footwork and finishing skills

Bonus: Motivation and Teaching Points Video Library

“As a former Pro and College player, this is the type of instruction that I wish I would have had growing up. As a youth I could handle the basketball without turning it over, but could rarely break down the defense. I struggled finishing against more athletic competition and was often relegated to becoming solely an outside shooter. This is the instruction I picked up later in my playing career, containing the small details that would have made a big difference for me coming up as a player competing against bigger, stronger, and faster opponents.”

 – Steve Cramer, Owner and Trainer, Cramer Basketball

Your Membership allows you access for an entire year!

What are you waiting for? Let's get better together!

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